Watch a rocket-powered bicycle outrun a supercar

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Watch a rocket-powered bicycle outrun a supercar
Francois Gissy rides his rocket-powered bike

You probably don't think of bicycles as speed demons, but Arnold Nearcher and François Gissy would beg to differ. They've respectively developed and raced a rocket-powered bike that just broke a world speed record for the vehicle class, hitting a brisk 207MPH. It's not the fastest two-wheeler of any kind, but the acceleration (maximum speed arrives in five seconds) is enough to put supercars to shame. As you'll see in the video below, the machine can outrun a light-yet-powerful Ferrari F430 Scuderia without breaking a sweat. Given the dangers involved, you won't be riding a rocket bike on your daily commute any time soon. Still, it's an impressive feat -- think of it as poetic justice for every time a motorist has cut you off while you're pedaling down the street.

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