This dude wants to smash an iPhone so bad he launched a Kickstarter for it

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Mike Wehner
November 21, 2014 6:00 PM
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This dude wants to smash an iPhone so bad he launched a Kickstarter for it
There have been plenty of times in the past decade where I've wanted nothing more than to smash my computer monitor, keyboard, smartphone, or some other piece of technology that was causing me momentary distress. Those moments usually pass quickly, but University of California San Diego grad Jesse Meyer is hanging on to his hatred of technology and hoping you'll support his desire to destroy an iPhone.

Meyer's Kickstarter campaign is titled "Breaking Technology" and that's exactly what he intends to do. The modest US$100 base goal, which has already been reached, will fund purchase of a keyboard, stapler, and sledgehammer -- you can imagine what will happen next. At a stretch goal of $1,000, an iPhone 6 will join the party and backers will be able to choose how it is destroyed.

If for some reason this idea really takes off, a $10,000 goal has also been established. If that level of funding is reached a chunk of the iPhone, and presumably bits of other smashed gadgets, will be shot into space. A waste of money? Maybe... maybe not?

[Photo credit: MSVG]
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