Tales from the Borderlands rollin', rollin', rollin' out today

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The first episode of Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands hits Steam across the globe later today, as well as PS4 and PS3 in North America. Next up are the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with worldwide releases due tomorrow, November 26, and December 3 respectively. Last but not least, PS owners in Europe also join the episodic party on December 3.

As for prices, on PlayStations and Xboxen each individual episode is $5. On PSN there's the option to purchase all five episodes in a $20 season pass, while on Xbox Live you can get Episodes 2-5 in a $15 season pass upgrade. On Steam the asking price for the season is $25, which you can bring down to $22.49 with a pre-purchase. Finally, Telltale's previously said the first episode should hit iOS and Android before the end of the year.

To see the launch trailer in action, move 'em on and head 'em out past the break. Also, that title is not referencing Limp Bizkit - you guys are just the Durst.

The first episode kicks off after the events of Borderlands 2, but with you taking on the newly introduced roles of Handsome Jack wannabe Rhys and ambitious con artist Fiona. As suggested by the episode's title, "Zer0 Sum," Telltale's latest collaboration features some familiar faces from Gearbox's loot-and-shoot series.

Just in case this is your first Telltale game, Tales from the Borderlands may look the part but it's a very different beast to Gearbox's wasteland fare. In Telltale's adventure the focus is on choice, and even the decision to loot or not loot, as we found out in our E3 interview.

[Image: Telltale Games]