MOS Kick: Incredibly small, light and sturdy iPhone stand

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MOS Kick: Incredibly small, light and sturdy iPhone stand

MOS Kick

Accessory designers love to take up a challenge, and that must be the reason that the folks at MOS in Orem, Utah came up with the MOS Kick (US$25 pledge). The idea was to create an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stand that could easily fit in a pocket, yet be sturdy enough to let you take the time lapse and slo-mo videos that these new iPhones do so well. MOS Kick is a Kickstarter project right now that's 59 percent funded with 15 days to go, and I'm sincerely hoping that this post pushes the project closer to its funding goal.


The first thing that hits you when you see a MOS Kick is how small it is, and the second - when you pick it up - is just how solidly built it is.

The secret to the MOS Kick is a small channel into which you place your iPhone. It's big enough to handle an iPhone 6 Plus in a thin case, padded so that it doesn't scratch your favorite phone, and features a small knurled knob on the back so that you can tighten up the channel to hold your iPhone securely.

There's a tiny triangular "hole" on top into which you can thread a key ring or carabiner, a threaded hole so that MOS Kick can be attached to a tripod, a bottle opener (seems to be popular these days...) and even a small flat head screwdriver.

All of this is made out of very solid metal, with some silicone rubber pads inserted into the "jaws" of the channel that holds your iPhone.


The MOS Kick holds your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus - or really any smartphone - at an angle of plus or minus 10° depending on how you place it into the channel. When I first gave it a try, I doubted it would be able to grab onto my iPhone 6 Plus outfitted with a Tech21 Classic Shell case. I'm glad to say I was wrong - I just needed to unscrew the "jaw" slightly to accept the slightly wider case, then tighten it up to hold the case and iPhone.

How does the MOS Kick work with a tripod? If you have a tripod or quick-release mount with a standard 1/4-inch 20 UNC thread on top, just screw the MOS Kick onto it and your iPhone is now sturdily mounted on your tripod.

The screwdriver will help in a pinch with flat-head screws, and the bottle opener works just fine, thank you. Not that I tested it on a beer bottle or anything...


MOS Kick is an inexpensive and very versatile stand that will work with any iPhone; even the monstrous iPhone 6 Plus. If you've been putting off buying a stand/tripod adapter for your iPhone, don't wait any longer - back this project on Kickstarter. MOS Kick is the Glif of 2015!

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