Dell's latest 27-inch, 4K monitor has a tempting $700 price tag

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If you're a visual artist or photo buff with $600-700 burning a hole in your pocket, life just threw you a new decision to make. Dell has announced that its 24-inch 2415Q and 27-inch 2715Q IPS 4K monitors are now on sale for $600 and $700, respectively. For those sums you'll get 1.07 billion colors, 3,840 x 2,160 at 60Hz resolution, a 178 degree viewing angle, 99 percent sRGB coverage and nearly perfectly color calibration straight out of the box. You can also daisy-chain multiple monitors thanks to DisplayPort 1.2 in/out connectors, along with HDMI (MHL) inputs and 4 USB 3.0 ports (no Thunderbolt port, unfortunately).

Since the monitors aren't aimed at gamers, they feature only 8ms/9ms refresh times. For the price, we'd also be surprised if they were true 10-bit panels; more likely, they're 8-bit panels dithered to display a billion colors. Still, there aren't many competitors at that price range with that level of performance: at $700, Samsung's 28-inch U28D590D is a TN, not an IPS display, for instance. That'll make the new offerings mighty tempting to graphics power-users -- especially if they measure up to Dell's past (excellent) pro monitor offerings.

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