Here's what our readers are saying about the Galaxy Note 4

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Here's what our readers are saying about the Galaxy Note 4

Apple may have just stepped into the larger phone market this fall with the iPhone 6 Plus, but Samsung's Galaxy Note line of Android devices is currently in its fourth generation. Our own review of this 5.7-inch "phablet" noted how it's been given a chance to "grow, mature and dominate the genre." In fact, we called it "the best large-screen phone on the market." But does our proclamation hold up now that plenty of other people have gotten their paws on this S Pen-enabled workhorse? To find out, we've taken a look at the reviews that you, our readers, have left us on the Galaxy Note 4's product page over in our database.

"It feels like a premium product."

The size is the first thing you'll notice about the Galaxy Note 4, and while a big phone can be hard to use one-handed, Dataminer49er reports that despite having "small hands for a guy," he finds it comfortable to use the phone. Whacko agrees, saying it "feels really good in my hand" and "has fit into every pocket I own." He feels it's very "well-balanced," and duggerdean likes the "flat edges that make it much easier to hold." A lot of things about the Note 4's design went over well with our readers, like the metal sides that SteveC915 says make it feel "like a premium product." Duggerdean was "pleasantly surprised by the build quality," which whacko says is strong enough that you could drop it on a ceramic tile floor without a case and come away without a scratch. However, while most reviewers felt the Galaxy Note 4's design was good, SteveC915 notes that it's also "not really anything innovative."

Of course, a bigger size means a bigger screen, and every inch of the Note 4's display delivers with resolution that Motilac calls "seemingly unlimited" with "great brightness" and colors that "pop." Dataminer49er finds the panel "lovely" and recommends it "for those with less-than-perfect sight that want to actually read on their phone." SteveC915, meanwhile, exclaims that when you turn up the brightness, it's "OH TOO PURDY!!" Duggerdean simply calls it "the best display on any smartphone, period."

Our readers love to use that 5.7-inch screen to view the photos they take with the Note 4's camera, which Motilac says offers "excellent resolution and detail." SteveC915 finds it "great in normal light situations" and says, "The low-light shots have worked out great for me so far." As for its ability to take selfies, well, Motilac insists it's "the best out now."

"Sketching and drawing really are a pleasure on this phone."

Other standout features include the Note line's signature S Pen, which Dataminer49er finds useful, allowing him to "Swype even faster and more accurately with it" as well as enabling him to sketch and draw. Even the call quality is "crisp and clear" according to whacko, with Motilac noting its "clear-sounding speaker" that TechJ says makes it sound like the person you're talking to is "right there with you." That's not universal across all carriers, though -- Verizon customer shmi experienced "warbled sound" as well as the occasional dropped call.

Topping all this off is battery life that duggerdean calls "outstanding." Likewise, SteveC915 says he "can actually be disconnected for an entire workday with heavy use and only ever get down to about 60 percent." And should you forget to plug the phone in, duggerdean was pleased with how fast the Note 4 charges in a half-hour.

Not everything on the Note 4 knocked it out of the park, though. Our users noted that the interface could still use a little work, with SteveC915 finding the settings "a little too layered" and duggerdean going so far as to switch to Nova Launcher "because I just couldn't take the TouchWiz launcher." He also thinks the included programs "are over the top" and Dataminer49er says the way Samsung implements apps "makes me nervous." And, as far as Dataminer49er is concerned, it strikes out as a health-tracking device too, as the heart rate monitor is a "gimmick" that fails to provide accurate measurements.

But these flaws aren't enough to make any of our user reviewers want to return their Galaxy Note 4 to the store. SteveC915 says he is "very pleased with my purchase" and he agreed with our review, calling it the "best device on the market." Whacko was even more effusive, saying, "This is without a doubt the best phone I have ever owned."

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