You won't believe the fast fingers of this iPad and iPhone 6 Plus drummer

iPad drummer

Faced with limitations due to his living arrangements, drummer and YouTube user Appleman has made the best of his situation, opting to use GarageBand and other apps on an iPad and iPhone 6 Plus to lay down some spectacular tracks. Especially impressive is how he uses the 6 Plus along with the iPad to expand his available repertoire of beats.

I'm actuary a drummer. Unfortunately I don't have my drumset at home. cause of the sound, not enough space, can't afford them with zildjian cymbals anyway...(;^_^A

Then,I taught myself,wait a minute I got my iPad & GarageBand! Why not! Let's do some iPad Rock!!

Appleman has recorded several videos of himself playing drums along with Japanese groups and American bands such as Nirvana, and Bon Jovi. He started eight months ago and has used a variety of hardware and software over the year including the iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, Drums XD and GarageBand.