First Sunset Overdrive story DLC tours an oil rig turf war

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Xbox figurehead Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb takes over hosting duties on the latest episode of Sunset TV to introduce the first story DLC for Insomniac's open-world mayhem hit Sunset Overdrive.

Dubbed "The Mystery of Mooil Rig," the DLC sees your character following a distress signal to an oil rig off the coast of Sunset City. There you find a violent conflict between factions of well armed workers and, because developer Insomniac loves its squamous explosion effects, you'll also find a healthy complement of mutants. Since the addition takes place on a floating man-made island, the DLC grants players two new movement options: the "Water Dive" allows players to submerge for a short time, while the "Water Slam Bounce" sees players melee smash into the water, only to be catapulted to great heights.

According to Hryb, the DLC also includes new weapons, traps, amps and Chaos Squad objectives, though he doesn't get into useful details, beyond saying that more will be revealed in the next episode of Sunset TV. The Mystery of Mooil Rig will be available on December 23 for $10 or as part of the $20 Sunset Overdrive season pass.
[Image: Microsoft]
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