Facebook and Twitter say 2014 was about protests and the World Cup

The past year was a blur if you're a social networking maven, but don't worry -- both Facebook and Twitter are offering retrospectives that will help you remember how 2014 went down. Despite the differences between the two services, people on either were buzzing about many of the same things. Protests defined the year for many, whether it was about police violence in the US or the fight for democracy in Hong Kong. Sports played a big role, too, with the World Cup and the winter Olympics often dominating the conversation.

With that in mind, there are some big gaps between the two. Facebook's hottest topics were sustained issues, like the Ebola outbreak and the passing of Robin Williams. Twitter, meanwhile, was more about covering events as they happened -- it's hard to forget the legendary (or notorious) Oscars selfie, for example. If you're curious to spot the differences or just want to recapture the zeitgeist of the past 12 months, you can swing by either of the source links.

[Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images]