Rumor Roundup: A fool's game

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Chris Rawson
December 11th, 2014
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Rumor Roundup: A fool's game

Foxconn Robots Proving Unsuitable for iPhone Assembly, Updated Versions in the Works (MacRumors)

Source: Chinese website

Chance it's true: Who knows

As with all rumors related to Apple's supply chain, there's no real way for us to ever know whether this is true or not. Certainly not unless Apple or Foxconn take some reporters on a tour of the factories... which is obviously not gonna happen.

Apple Store to restart Bose product sales after abrupt removal, report says (AppleInsider)

Source: "People familiar with the matter"

Chance it's true: 100 percent

This actually happened a few days after this rumor came out, so it looks like an internal leak from within Apple.

WAIT, WHAT? How future iPhones could actually copy the Fire Phone (BGR)

Saved you a BGR: Apple filed a patent for a 3D display on the iPhone.

We normally don't bother reporting on the vast array of patents Apple applies for, simply because there's no guarantee any of them will actually make their way into a shipping product. This makes predicting future feature sets of Apple products based on patent applications a fool's game. Of course, a fool's game is the only game BGR knows how to play anymore.

Rumor: Apple Watch set to begin mass production in January (AppleInsider)

Source: Taiwanese website

Chance it's true: 30 percent (at most)

Even AppleInsider calls this rumor "questionable," noting that the same source says the next-gen iPhone was supposed to debut in early spring of 2015 but has been "delayed." Looks like we can throw another log on the "unannounced Apple product has been delayed" bonfire of stupid.

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