Mercedes and LG keep drivers awake, brake cars automatically

CES 2015 is shaping up to be a big event for Mercedes-Benz, which will discuss its plans for self-driving cars in a keynote speech and show off a crazy prototype. LG has now revealed that it will supply the mono and stereo camera systems that will keep the cars in their lanes, dim the headlights, brake autonomously, and spot pedestrians or cyclists. The Korean company will also supply biometric systems to monitor the driver's eye movement and alertness, along with mobile and home entertainment expertise. Mercedes, in turn, will license part of its 6D Vision self-driving tech back to LG to use with other automakers.

Instead of full autopilot self-driving cars à la Google, LG and Mercedes are exploring semi-autonomous systems that "allow the driver to transfer some tasks to the intelligent vehicle." That's similar to what Volvo and other automakers are doing, and Mercedes has also been testing driver-assist systems in its trucks. The company's self-driving S-Class cars will soon roam California's highways to "learn" about eight-lane highways, four-way stops and other North American-unique traffic situations. Mercedes said that commercialized self-driving cars are at least a decade away, but may roll out some features sooner -- we'll learn more at CES 2015.