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TERA is creating a flying scythe-user class


TERA's taking terror and pre-adolescent creepiness to the skies with an upcoming class, tentatively called the Flying Scythe-user.

Details about the new class are a little spotty due to the translation from Korean (so don't take that class name as gospel), but it looks as though the Elin-only class will be a ranged character that harnesses dark magic and flings scythes and chains across the battlefield. The Flying Scythe-user will be unlocked once a player hits level 40 on another character, emerging into the light as a level 50 toon.

Some of this class' skills include chain attacks, a dark explosion, an AoE whip, spinning blades, and a dark shield. The class will be very nimble, with abilities to ignore attacks, quickly dodge, and swap places with the enemy.

The class will be first available in Korea, with a presumable jump to other regions thereafter.

[Thanks to Vunak for the tip!]

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