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Breakfast Topic: Have you recruited friends into WoW?

One of the things that makes massively multiplayer games fun is who you play them with, so we sometimes find ourselves trying to cajole our closest friends into joining us in World of Warcraft. And with the rewards from the Recruit-a-Friend program, it's even more tempting to bring your friends into the game.

I've lured plenty of friends to WoW's siren song over the years -- though mostly before the Recruit-a-Friend program existed. The trouble now is with so many people having played WoW, how do you find a total newbie to recruit to the game? And are people who have managed to avoid the game to date really going to enjoy it now? This difficulty, combined with RAF rewards, is why I have more than one WoW account, which, once inactivated, doesn't exactly help Blizzard's subscription numbers.

But today, tell us -- have you recruited your friends (or yourself) into the game? How did it go?

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