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Origin PC's Chronos Steam Machine dual boots Windows and SteamOS, comes in standard and SLI-Editions


Want to get the most out of your living room PC gaming experience? Origin PC wants to help. Today the company announced its official Steam Machine, dubbed Origin Chronos, in two distinct flavors: standard and SLI-edition. As the name implies, the two boxes are separated by GPU support, the latter being capable of running up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titans under the hood. Each machine can be outfitted with up to six or 14 terabytes of storage space, respectively, and can be professionally overclocked by Origin PC's in-house team of system builders.

As an official Steam Machine, the Chronos naturally runs Valve's SteamOS and supports the company's quirky controller, but gamers unwilling to go all-in on Steam's Linux support can dual-boot their rigs to Windows 7 or Windows 8, too. Origin hasn't specified how much each unit will cost, but considering both are customizable, we imagine the Chronos will range from relatively affordable to ludicrously expensive. The release date is just as nebulous so far, though the company has said it will be out later this year. One thing's for sure: It'll have plenty of competition.

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