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PSA: Magic 2014 expands again, adding two new decks


Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, the most recent video game adaptation of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, has grown a bit larger with the release of a third deck pack.

Like the game's prior two deck packs, this addition is priced at $3 and adds two new decks to Magic 2014. "Warsmith" is described as a red and white deck bolstered by beneficial artifacts and spells designed to improve the effectiveness of your virtual cardboard troops. "Hunting Season," by contrast, is a green deck that relies on oversized creatures to trample your foes. If sheer size doesn't work, and your armies are still being cut to pieces, don't worry: This deck is designed to allow players to quickly summon new creatures at a moment's notice.

The third deck pack for Magic 2014 should be available now on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam and the Android and iOS app stores. If you can't find it on your platform of choice, wait a bit, then check again. According to the deck pack's developers, "launch timing may vary by platform and region."

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Magic 2014 Deck Pack #3 Now Available

Today Wizards of the Coast releases the third Deck Pack expansion for Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers on Playstation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam (PC), Android, and iPad.* The Deck Pack features two completely new decks – Warsmith & Hunting Season.

And here is what each new deck has to offer:
Warsmith: In the red and white "Warsmith" deck, the mere presence of your artifacts on the battlefield will bolster your unstoppable forces and empower your spells. Forge your army, and march to war!
Hunting Season: With the green "Hunting Season" deck, the creatures at your command will become unnaturally large, and if that should prove insufficient to crush your enemy, make more creatures. Call the hunt!

Just like the previous two Deck Packs Warsmith and Hunting Season come with foil conversions.

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