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5 lessons in design from Hartmut Esslinger


You may not know Hartmut Esslinger, but you've probably seen the impact of his philosophy almost every day for over 30 years. In 1982 Esslinger's Frogdesign began to work with Apple and kicked off a relationship that molded the company's products until 1990, though his influence still resonates in the company's function-focused designs. It was Esslinger who first suggested that Apple computers should be white, and he pushed the company to fight the conventional notions of what consumers wanted. At the time, his simple, clean designs were groundbreaking.

A few months ago frog (Frogdesign simplified their name in 2011) posted this brief, but incredibly insightful, look at Esslinger's design philosophy. He briefly talks about the founding of frog, and points to five key lessons he's learned during his career. For Apple enthusiasts and graphic designers alike, this a fascinating look into the thought process of someone you might not even know you were influenced by. Enjoy.

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