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How to access Google Play music, TV shows and movies on your iOS device


Are you a former Android owner with a music and video library still stuck in the Google Play Store? Don't worry about having to re-purchase your content now that you are on iOS. We have good news for you as there are apps in the iOS App Store that let you access your Google Play media on your iOS device.

Google Music users should start by downloading the official Google Music Play app. Developed by Google itself, the app supports both the standard service and the All Access service, which lets you stream anything from the Google Play Music store. All the music is stored in the cloud and accessible on your iPhone. Though not designed for the iPad, you can install the app on your iPad and run it in 2X mode.

If you are looking for a native iPad client, then check out Cloud Play for Music All Access. Just like the official app, Cloud Play gives you access to your standard account and the premium All Access service, if you are signed up for it. You'll have to spend US$1.99 to download this universal app from the iOS App Store.

Though Google has a dedicated music player in the iOS App Store, it does not have a standalone video player for its Google Play movies and TV shows. To access this content, you must use the YouTube app.

Launch the YouTube app and login with your Google credentials. Tap the menu button at the top left or slide the main panel to the right to expose the navigation menu of the app. About halfway down on the left, you will see an option for "Purchases." Click on purchases, and you should see a list of all the movies and TV shows that you purchased on Google Play. You have to be on WiFi to play back the purchased content, but it works like a charm when you are connected to a high-speed connection.

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