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Fable Anniversary goes gold, pre-order bonuses detailed

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Fable Anniversary, the HD re-tread of the first game in Lionhead's RPG series, is ready to be pressed to disc, the developer has announced on its blog. In fact, Lionhead writes that physical copies are being created "as we speak." That means that soon, they'll also be ready to be shipped, sold and played. Barring any unfortunate complications or mishaps, we should be ready to explore Albion again on February 4.

Lionhead also announced the game's pre-order bonuses: a pirate outfit with sword, a guard outfit with Jackarse fish weapon, and an outfit based on the character Apollo with crossbow. The post didn't yet specify which retailer will be getting which bonus, but it did state that the pre-order bonuses will be made available for purchase "later in the year."

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