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TUAW 1 to 1: Brett Terpstra


In this very special episode of TUAW 1 to 1, I talk to Brett Terpstra. Brett is a TUAW alum, but the past couple of years you might not have seen him writing so much for us. That's because he was hired by AOL to work on TUAW, Joystiq, Massively and Engadget. His AOL codemonkey days came to an end this week, however, so you can find him and his amazing contraptions, web excursions and general helpfulness at his personal site.

Of course, for those who know, Brett is the guy behind Marked, and a handful of super-useful utilities and applications like nvAlt, Slogger... well, check out his projects page for the crazy stuff he comes up with.

Brett is a remarkably talented guy, and we're lucky to know him. In this episode we wax poetic about our early days in computing, data portability, Edison vs. Tesla and the polar vortex. Mentioned in this episode: the book on Tesla I recommend is Tesla: Man Out Of Time by Margaret Cheney.

You can listen via the embedded player below, or subscribe to 1:1 via iTunes here. Enjoy!

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