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CyanogenMod's new gallery software now available as a beta download


Think CyanogenMod's image gallery is lacking? As it turns out, the CyanogenMod team itself thinks so too. In a recent Google+ post, the custom ROM maker not only admitted the current gallery's shortcomings, but also also announced its replacement -- an app it calls GalleryNext. In addition to functioning as a standard gallery app, the updated tool also bakes in support for Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Dropbox. CM also plans to give it an Android KitKat-esque interface overhaul in the future, too. Unfortunately, early adopters report that the app is a bit buggy (not unusual for a beta), so proceed with caution. Still, CyanogenMod has made the beta available to anyone who joins its Google+ page, and the app itself can be found on Google Play, naturally.

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