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Community Blog Topic: Pitch your new WoW class


When we recently asked readers to pitch their expansion ideas, a few people came up with new classes. Some of them were so interesting, we'd like to see them fleshed out a little bit more. So pitch us a new World of Warcraft class.

In old school Everquest, I played a bard: Eponyne Songtart. Goodness, those graphics are so bad by today's standards, and I never noticed how she looks like her leg is amputated in that picture. Now it's all I can see. Anyway, the bard class was very buggy for a long time, but I still loved playing her. I'd like to see a similar class in WoW.

Class name: Bard
Maximum armor class: Mail


  • Melody Maker: Heal spec. Primary stat: Intellect
  • Songweaver: Buff spec. Can play/sing more than one song at a time. Primary stat: Intellect
  • Tune Tamer: DPS spec. Uses normal weapons. Primary stat: Agillity
There would be a new two-handed class of weapons for bards: instruments. These would include a variety of string instruments, flutes, drums, etc. The instruments would have stats on them just like regular weapons.

Instead of spells, bards would sing and/or play songs. Songs would heal, buff or deal damage.

Do you have a new World of Warcraft class you would like to see implemented? Blog about it and link to your post in the comments below. Or if you don't have a WoW-related blog, respond in the comments. We'll highlight some of the responses next week.

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