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Visit the New World in latest Europa Universalis 4 expansion


Paradox Interactive's grand strategy game Europa Universalis 4 has grown a bit more grand with the release of the "Conquest of Paradise" expansion, a downloadable content pack focused on North America in the days before Manifest Destiny and smallpox paved the way for the modern United States.

"Explorers and Emperors alike will find a completely randomized American continent added to their game, including features such as trading with the natives, establishing colonies, and new options for military conquest," reads the developer's official description of the expansion. "Players can also take control of newly formed colonial nations - or play as one of several Native American Nations, complete with unique buildings, events, and mechanics."

A visit to Steam reveals a $15 price tag for the Conquest of Paradise expansion. In addition, three new, smaller DLC packs have also been released. The Conquistadors Unit Pack adds new models for Spanish and Portuguese armies, while the Native Americans Unit Pack delivers a new unit to the expansion's indigenous tribes. Finally, the Songs of the New World DLC adds new music to Europa Universalis 4 composed by
Andreas Waldetoft, a musician known for his work on the Crusader Kings 2 soundtrack.

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