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Rhythm fighter Kickbeat listed for Wii U by German ratings board


Martial rhythm game Kickbeat may be ready to lay down some beats on Wii U, if a new listing on German classifier USK is accurate. Dev-pub Zen Studios hasn't announced the port of the original PS3 and Vita game, but it's plausible given the pinball specialist has paddled plenty of its catalog up the Wii U ramp. We've reached out to Zen for more info.

Kickbeat is like a traditional rhythm game with notes to tap along to. except in its case the notes are hordes of ninja foes, and your taps punch and kick combos. If you're a PC player who believes German europopper Snap was wrong and that rhythm is in fact a fighter, you'll be pleased to learn that Kickbeat arrives on Steam today for $10. The Windows PC version comes with improved visuals, an expanded soundtrack, keyboard controls, and a host of tweaks guided by player feedback.

Update: When approached, a Zen spokesperson told Joystiq, "Leave it to the ratings boards to spoil our surprises! I cannot officially confirm or deny that KickBeat will come to the Wii U, but Zen loves to have all games on all platforms so people can enjoy our games regardless of the device they choose to play on."

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