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Dev puts Storyteller on hold to turn Ernesto RPG into a full game


Ernesto RPG is a "quick RPG" played entirely in clicks on a field populated by pixelated icons. Start at a cave and form a path to another cave by clicking on icons right next to each other, such as medkits, poisonous spiders, weapons, tunnels that may or may not be insta-death traps, and enemies; level up, make it to the exit cave and proceed to the next level. It's shockingly addictive (and free).

It's also from Storyteller developer Daniel Benmergui – Storyteller won the Nuovo award at IGF 2012, and it's still a work in progress. It asks players to put scenes of a comic strip in order to complete the requested actions. Now it's on hold while Benmergui tries to turn Ernesto into a full, commercial game.

"I love Storyteller, I think it's an important game and I want it to be released soon, but I've been working on it for three years now and I am starting to feel creatively numb from always dealing with the same project," Benmergui writes. "There are a few important things to work out before I am able to release it, so there's no way I can rush it to completion. Storyteller still needs time and more hard work to be a great game."

Benmergui says developing Ernesto will give him much-needed perspective on Storyteller and experience in launching a full game. He plans to be done with Ernesto in less than three months and he emphasizes that this does not mean Storyteller is canceled.

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