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More games for Xbox One: XBOXIE collects HTML5 controller games


Xbox One supports a controller, Internet Explorer and HTML5 games, but not all HTML5 games support a controller – and that's where XBOXIE comes in. Run by Reddit user CitadelSaint, XBOXIE lists HTML5 games you can play with a controller in IE on the Xbox One. So far the list includes Pac-Man, Bejeweled, Super Breakout, Pong, Contre Jour, Sketch Out and Solitaire, among others.

"Even though the Xbox One can play HTML5 games, it doesn't mean developers are supporting the controller," XBOXIE's About page reads. "Most game are aimed at keyboard and mouse. So we at XBOXIE search and test each game to make sure it runs smooth and plays well on a controller. So to sum up, if it's on XBOXIE then you can play it on your Xbox One."

That's right: Pong has entered the next generation. Take that, Tetris.

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