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Pick up six strategy games for $3 in Bundle Stars' latest offer


Whether you'd prefer to speed the fall of Rome or sack Berlin circa 1942, the new Kingdoms Bundle from Bundle Stars should prove tempting - especially given its $3 price tag.

Included in the Bundle are six games: Europa Universalis 3 Complete, Sword of the Stars Complete Collection, Hearts of Iron 3, Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition, The King's Crusade and Magicka. According to Bundle Stars, purchasing all six of these games from Steam individually would cost $65, which makes that aforementioned $3 price point a 95 percent discount.

As with all Bundle Stars offers, the Kingdoms Bundle is only available for a limited time. Fortunately, the Bundle was just revealed, so those interested in spending the next few months immersed in hardcore strategic simulations have 29 days remaining before this deal comes to an end. Of course, if nothing here appeals to you, Bundle Stars also offers other bundles - nine of them currently - with content ranging from Euro Truck Simulator to Septerra Core.

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