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WRUP: Trademarked


Don't even think about using the word candy! Especially if you're a candy company. It's a whole saga.

What's everyone playing this weekend?

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  • Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski, Twitch): Don't Starve on PS4 and XCOM: Enemy Within on PC.
  • Anthony John Agnello (@AJohnAgnello): Having played through the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade mode this week--the first time I've played a Tekken game in 15 years--and being rewarded for the effort with a video of a giant, huffy panda getting motion sickness on theme park rides, I'm left wondering if there's anything left for video games to achieve. I'll likely be soothing my existential ennui with rounds of Bravely Default.
  • Danny Cowan (@db_cowan, Twitch): Look, Saints Row 4, we're done after this weekend. I'll finish your DLC. I'll get your platinum trophy. And then that's IT.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle, Twitch): I'll be wrapping up my East Coast visit this weekend, so I'll definitely rock my Vita during the flights back to SF. I expect copious amounts of OlliOlli, Super Crate Box, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush during my travels.
  • Earnest Cavalli (@Ecavalli, Twitch): Most likely Dead Rising 3. The new DLC missions leave a lot to be desired - no dress up?! - but I'll take any excuse to re-murder a few thousand zombies.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt, Twitch): I should probably play The Banner Saga while I still can, before it's forced to change its name to "The Banner Really Long Quest" or something. That would just totally ruin it for me.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK, Twitch): I'm playing Tomb Raider again, this time in its fancy "Definitive" incarnation. Look for a review next week!
  • Mike Suszek (@MikeSuszek, Twitch): I'm going to be on the road a lot, so I may check out OlliOlli on Vita. I also plan to start reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books.
  • Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM, Twitch): Risk of Rain. Still. And some Octodad.
  • Sinan Kubba (@SinanKubba, Twitch): Keep looking at Soul Sacrifice and wondering if I want to sacrifice my time to it. Maybe this weekend.
  • Sam Prell (@SamPrell, Twitch): [...]
  • Steven Wong: [...]
  • Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt, Twitch): Having unlocked the Robot, I am venturing back into the land of Don't Starve. I'm also going to give Baldur's Gate II another shot on my iPad. I've never played it before (I know, I know!), but tend to love its progeny, so I'm curious to see how much I like it.
  • Thomas Schulenberg (@T_Schulenberg, Twitch): It's time for Donkey Kong Country 3, the one game in the series I've never played. I don't know about this whole swapping Diddy Kong out for a baby thing, but I'm eager to see how it stacks up in comparison to the other two SNES games.
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav, Twitch): Yes, I am still moving. Yes, it's the worst thing in the world. I miss streaming. Watch my latest on YouTube.

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