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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall expansion arrives February 27


Fans eager to return to the cyberpunk noir futurism of Shadowrun Returns will be happy to hear that developer Harebrained Schemes has finally nailed down a release date for the game's first official expansion: February 27.

Titled "Dragonfall," the expansion ditches the rain-slicked streets of Seattle in favor of a wholly new tale set in a futuristic Berlin. Instead of continuing the story of the characters seen in Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall introduces a new team of street samurai, deckers and magic users. Not much is known of the expansion's plot, but it has been revealed that the titular "Dragonfall" is an ominous event foretold in prophecy that threatens to destroy Berlin in apocalyptic fashion.

When it debuts on February 27, Dragonfall will feature a $15 price tag. That may seem steep for an addition to a $20 game, but beyond the Dragonfall campaign the expansion also includes a swath of new weapons and items, additions to the game's content editing suite and, most crucially, the ability to save your game whenever you please. For more information, visit Harebrained Schemes' website.

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