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    Almighty Photo is a slick photo album and editor for iOS

    Mel Martin

    I originally thought Almighty Photo (US$2.99) was another me-too photo editor, but quickly saw that the app was much more than that. It's an innovative and powerful approach to photo management and editing. The app is designed to browse and organize your photo libraries. It never touches the originals, but gives you a new way to display and make sense of your photos. Almighty Photo is a great app for people who have lots of photos on their iOS devices.

    The app automatically sorts your photos by day, month, year, lenses or tags. Like the native photo library in iOS 7, it also separates your photos and videos. Almighty Photo can automatically put your images in frames, and create nice collages. Of course, you can control the look if you'd like. Live filters, which work on photos and videos, will apply filters without changing your originals. Photos can be auto-rotated for the best fit to your screen, and partial metadata can be displayed. The app also features slideshows, and photos can be squared for Instagram sharing.

    There is a built-in tutorial when you first launch Almighty Photo, but most users won't need it if they are willing to explore the app. In use, Almighty Photo is quick and intuitive. The slideshow option is very complete -- you pick your photos, an amount of time to keep each visible on the screen, a transition effect and music from your library. My only complaint? I wish the slideshows could be exported as a movie to share with others.

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    One thing to watch out for is the "save to camera roll" function. When you select share, it's on a second page and you may not notice that you have to swipe to see more options. If Almighty Photo interests you, there is a free "lite" version, but the full version is reasonably priced and does not burden you with optional in-app purchases.

    I'm impressed with Almighty Photo, which brings a fresh approach to organizing and editing photos. The app requires iOS 6 or later, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It's not a universal app, and I'd love to see an iPad-enabled version.

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