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The Elder Scrolls Online answers a variety of questions (and the CE question)

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've read about The Elder Scrolls Online lately, you surely heard about the whole collector's edition thing. The latest batch of answers for community questions tackles that head-on, stressing that the only exclusive for Imperials which other races won't have is a single skill line. That line will be balanced along with all other racial skill lines, so players who decide to go the Imperial route will just have a bit of extra visual flair, not a gameplay advantage. No mention is made of the cross-faction races for pre-orders, however.

Aside from the obvious question and a few corresponding bits of confusion, the array of questions cover topics from open PvP in Cyrodiil to death gates to skill resources. If you're eagerly anticipating the game or just want to see more clarification on the whole function of the Imperial option, take a look at the full set of answers for a clearer picture of the CE bonuses and the game as a whole.

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