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Daedalic schedules Randal's Monday to right its wrongs in Q3 2014

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When someone wakes up with a hangover, you'd expect them to hydrate, take aspirin or rest up to get through the day, right? We don't consider selling a friend's engagement ring par for the Regretting Booze course, but apparently Randal does. In Randal's Monday, this choice results in his friend Matt killing himself, leaving Randal cursed to live through the same Monday until he finds a way to fix his mistake.

Randal's Monday is a point-and-click adventure game from Daedalic Games and Nexus Game Studios, layered with geek and pop culture references from the past two decades. More than 50 characters will cross paths with Randal in his quest for decency, which is scheduled for a digital release on PCs in Q3 of 2014.
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Time loops. Universal collapse. Talking skulls. 90s geek culture references. Just another Monday for Randal, who seems doomed to relive that most cursed of days over and over.

- Announcing Randal's Monday, geek-inspired adventure for PC.
- Screenshots at FTP down below.

Daedalic and Nexus Game Studios to release Randal's Monday worldwide in Q3 2014

Hamburg, Germany / Alicante, Spain; January 30, 2014 – Adventure gaming experts Daedalic Entertainment and Nexus Game Studios are teaming up to bring the upcoming comic humor point & geek adventure Randal's Monday to a world-wide audience. Both companies schedule to release the game later this year digitally for PC.

Randal's Monday, developed by the Spanish team Nexus Game Studios, centers around geek and pop culture references from the 1990s and early 2000s, and gives a pretty authentic insight into how hard it is to overcome these stupid days of each week.

Randal is the best main character one can ever imagine: he's a kleptomaniac, a sociopath and an awful friend above all. After his friend Matt's engagement party, waking up on a Monday morning with a massive hangover, Randal finds Matt's wallet in his pocket. Inside the wallet, the precious engagement ring.

It doesn't take Randal long to sell the ring – triggering a fatal curse. Matt commits suicide, and Randal is now supposed to live through the same fateful Monday again and again, doing whatever is needed in order to fix the horrible situation. Randal must recover the one ring and his life, before the situation worsens... or the universe collapses.

Randal's Monday features cynical humor, geek culture references and classic point & click adventure gameplay at its best. The game pays tribute to a generation of gamers, readers and viewers of subculture media products. Players will find countless items and references to things they grew up with. Retro video gaming consoles, anyone? Your favorite movies and TV series from the 80s, 90s and 2000s? It's all in there! Take your time and pixel-hunt each screen for everything that's in there – whereas the adventure gameplay takes care to use all of today's comfort features, of course.

Randal's Monday is developed by the Spanish team Nexus Game Studios, who teamed up with the adventure gaming experts at Daedalic Entertainment to prepare the world-wide release. The PC point & click adventure game is scheduled to be released in Q3 2014.

• 7 great chapters - gameplay time will depend on how much time you spend in front of the TV in your childhood.
• More than 40 different environments carefully hand-crafted.
• More than 50 characters including repulsive mothers, retired priests and talking skulls.
• Jillions of references and homages to geek culture.
• No zombies (which is a feature nowadays). Whoops, in fact there are some of them... well, ZOMBIES!

About Daedalic Entertainment
Daedalic Entertainment is a Hamburg-based indie-studio that develops and publishes high-quality games worldwide, focusing on the projects with strong narratives. Over the last few years, Daedalic has collected 21 German Game Developer Awards (incl. "Studio of the Year 2009, 2013"), five German Computer Game Awards (incl. "Best Game 2011"), and more.

About Nexus Game Studios
Nexus Game Studios is an Alicante (Spain) based indie studio run by a bunch of nerds, video game and subculture fanatics, but with the talent and dedication of a team passionate about their work. Randal's Monday is the studios' debut project, dedicated to the true fan of retro and especially classic adventure games.

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