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    Daily App: Yearly ensures you won't be in the dog house on your anniversary


    Yearly from NoIndentity apps is an aggregator that pulls in birthday, anniversary and other date information from your iOS address book. The app is basic in its function, but beautiful in its looks.

    Yearly relies on your contact information to populate a list of upcoming personal dates that you don't want to forget. The list shows the person's name, picture, the date and details about the notable event (i.e., 25 years on Thursday for a birthday). The app also lists how many days until the event, which is handy for folks who need time to prepare a gift or a card.

    You can tap on a contact to view additional information like an email address or phone book. If a contact originated in your iOS address book, you can view existing notes or add a new note to the contact. Though you can try to add a note to a Facebook contact, it will not be saved. You can also swipe left or right to expose controls that allow you to call, message or email a contact. This allows you to make that birthday call right from within the Yearly app.

    Some folks may point out that Yearly is not needed as Facebook already imports a contact's birthday information into your calendar. Yes, that is true, but not everyone enables the birthday calendar in iOS. Personally, I turn off the birthday calendar and prefer to use Yearly as my repository for birthday and anniversary information because of its focus on significant dates. Sometimes my calendar is so cluttered, it would be very easy to miss an upcoming birthday or anniversary. That's not going to happen with Yearly.

    The biggest drawback to Yearly is that it does not support manual entries. The app pulls its date information from the contacts and only from the contacts. For example, I wanted to manually add the birthdays for my friend's children, but Yearly doesn't allow that. Instead, I had to create contacts for all of them, which was less than ideal.

    Yearly is available from the iOS App Store for US$1.99.

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