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Tim Cook goes globe hopping, and other news for February 3, 2014

Tim Cook has had a busy last few days as he's been on a globe-hopping tour of Europe and the Middle East. First Cook was in Ireland on Friday to visit the company's Cork HQ, according to a report from The Journal. Cook reportedly met with Irish PM Enda Kenny and discussed, among other issues, corporate tax laws in the country:

Discussing his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier today, Enda Kenny said that Ireland is "participating fully" in EU discussions about its corporate tax rate, and mentioned the issue to him during their meeting. He said that the country has a legally-based statutory rate of 12.5 per cent that applies to all companies.

"I pointed out to Cook that Ireland, as a member of the [European] Union, is participating in the OECD discussions that are taking place now about an international response in terms of clarity about the tax position. There are fifteen different sectors involving that and Ireland is participating in them all."

Kenny didn't say if it was himself or Cook who brought the subject up, but said that the Apple CEO was "exceptionally happy" with the work the Cork office has done.

Last weekend, Cook was spied in the United Arab Emirates, reports Tbreak Media. Cook made some appearances at Apple resellers in major malls in the country before meeting with UAE Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Sunday. As the Khaleej Times reports:

Shaikh Mohammed and Cook discussed an array of issues regarding future of the IT sector in the backdrop of international transformations and the sector's role in developing and advancing education. Shaikh Mohammed hailed Apple's role in developing technology and IT-based education worldwide.

In other news from this weekend: [Image from @VirginMENA]

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