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Ace Combat Infinity open beta starts today


A free week-long beta for Ace Combat Infinity kicks off today on PS3. If you're looking to spread your wings, simply boot up your PS3 and grab the download now.

Ace Combat Infinity, a PS3 exclusive, is the first free-to-play entry in Project Aces' popular plane combat series. The game takes place on an alternate-reality Earth where the worlds' governments banded together and built large orbiting rail guns designed to save the planet from an incoming barrage of space rocks – the byproduct of the accidental destruction of a fictitious moon around Jupiter.

The beta, which ends on February 11, includes samples of two game modes: a single-player campaign and an online co-op game type pitting human players against NPC pilots. All of those who participate in the beta will be given a special in-game emblem that carries over to the full game, which is due for take-off some time this year.
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