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Watercolor JRPG Child of Light tells its story on April 30


The whimsical Child of Light, inspired by Japanese role-playing games, will launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC through Steam on April 30, Ubisoft has announced. The game will be a $15 download across all systems.

Child of Light is the product of a small internal team at Ubisoft Montreal headed up by Far Cry 3 Creative Director Patrick Plourde. The story follows a young princess named Aurora who is mysteriously whisked away to the land of Lemuria, where all of its citizens have been turned into crows. Aurora, along with her magical blue orb companion Igniculus, must not only discover what caused this, but find a way to reverse it.

Plourde's Child of Light is built entirely in UbiArt Framework, the same engine powering Rayman: Origins and Rayman: Legends. Combat in Child of Light is turn-based and employs a set-up not unlike the Active Time Battle system seen in the Final Fantasy series. There is also a co-op element where a second player can jump in at any time and control Igniculus.
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WHAT: Ubisoft® confirmed today that Child of Light™ will release on April 30, 2014 and has also released a new trailer for the turn based RPG set in the magical world of Lemuria. The game will be available for download for $14.99 on Microsoft Xbox LIVE for the Microsoft Xbox® 360 and Microsoft Xbox® One, the Sony PlayStation Network for the Sony PlayStation® 3 and Sony PlayStation® 4, the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U, and Steam for PC and is rated "Everyone 10+."

The game is created by a small team of seasoned developers based in Ubisoft Montreal. Child of Light has been developed on Ubisoft's UbiArt Framework, a powerful engine that lets programmers and artists bring their art to life by allowing original concept art to be inserted unedited into the game world. In Child of Light, the effect is that playing becomes akin to stepping into an interactive painting.

Child of Light is a reimagining of classic fairytales, inviting players on an epic adventure into the magical painted world of Lemuria. Players will uncover mysteries, participate in turn-by-turn combat inspired by classic JRPGs, and explore a mystical kingdom. The game puts players in the shoes of Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who, in her quest to return, must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night. Helped by her companion Igniculus the firefly and several unlikely allies, Aurora will face her darkest fears, including dragons and other mystical creatures in this modern take on a coming-of-age story.

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