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Makeshift fix for The Wolf Among Us 360 season pass issue


Yesterday, we brought you word of an issue which left Xbox 360 players who purchased the season pass for Telltale's The Wolf Among Us unable to download the game's second episode. Today, Microsoft offers a solution.

"All The Wolf Among Us season pass owners will be sent Xbox 360 console system message codes that will allow them to download Episode 2 for no additional charge," reads a message recently added to Telltale's support page. "If you intended to buy a season pass for The Wolf Among Us, but haven't yet, you can continue to do so. New season pass purchasers will also receive codes by console system message while the title update is in progress." Following this, the site offers players a detailed walkthrough on how to use their new codes.

Though this doesn't solve the ongoing issues Xbox Live is experiencing with certain downloadable content offerings, it does allow users to enjoy the game they've already paid for in a timely manner. Microsoft and Telltale are currently working together on a title update that will prevent such problems from happening in the future, but a timeframe for when that fix might debut remains unknown.
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