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LG event in Korea could reveal the G Pro 2 earlier than expected


LG was expected to announce the G Pro 2 at MWC in Barcelona but ZDNET Korea is reckoning that locals might get an early peek. A "knock-knock-knockin' on" invite has it thinking that the LG's new smartphone might be ready over a week ahead of arguably the world's biggest mobile tech show. (Although, that particular Dylan song might not offer the appropriate upbeat message LG is hoping for.) The company has already promised substantial camera upgrades for the new flagship, and going by LG's record on its Pro models -- and those leaked photos -- you can expect it to keep the styling of the original G2 (buttons on the back, dominating screen up front), albeit with a larger display on board. We're hearing that it's a smallish event for Korean media -- expect the full global fanfare when it appears in Spain.

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