LG promises upgraded image-stabilizing 'plus' camera and 4K video recording on G Pro 2 flagship

Taking to its own social site, LG's stated that the incoming G Pro 2 (another smartphone set to debut at Barcelona later this month), will offer imaging skills that will put its current champ, the G2, to shame. While its predecessor was a capable smartphone camera in its own right, LG is apparently adding a software upgrade to the optical image stabilization camera found on its preceding Android phones. It's calling the feature "Electro Image System" and it will apparently keep those 13-megapixel shots even sharper, augmenting existing hardware stabilization. Video function-wise, slow-motion recording at 25 percent speed and even Ultra HD video capture (at 3,840 x 2,160) will also be packed into the smartphone rumored to be incrementally larger than last year's G2. Expect a new UX for the camera app, too, when the device is officially presented to the tech-reporting masses in a few weeks.