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OMG HD Zombies shuffling toward Steam on February 13

OMG HD Zombies, an expansion of a PSP Mini, is slowly chomping its way up the platform chain - after shuffling to Vitas last year, the chain-reaction zombie killer is headed for Steam's PC users on February 13.

HD Zombies is stingy with bullets, but it doesn't make its players creep around dark corridors in a survival horror manner - instead, players look down on horde-filled stages, aiming with a scrolling reticle. Once a zombie is shot, its explosive gush of blood inspires the same fate from its surrounding brethren. Players clear screens of zombies by chaining together as many kills as possible per bullet, trading their killcount at the end for a bronze-through-platinum rating.

Different zombie types switch up tactics over HD Zombie's 100 levels, and 100 unlockable upgrades stand to make clearing out each stage a bit easier. Resolution settings, gamepad support, cloud saving and trading cards have also been added to the PC port. If you're interested in spreading crimson gore over a gray cityscape, HD Zombies will cost $4.99 when it launches next week.
[Image: Laughing Jackal Games]

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