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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is not being taken off the app store

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, has decided to withdraw his immensely popular game from the app store. Although Nguyen didn't give a specific reason, he stated that it was not due to legal reasons and that he was not looking to sell the game off. The Internet's been a-buzz since Nguyen's announcement, with reactions both pleased and ... not-so-pleased.

The explosion of popularity and rapid decline that Flappy Bird experienced makes me think of how fleeting the limelight can be. The Justin Biebers and One Directions of today are the Jesse McCartneys and New Kids On The Blocks of tomorrow - who, you ask? Exactly. So I say go forth, and be a fan of whatever it is you've got your sights set on - just realize that it'll come to an end someday, and enjoy it while you can. Take a lesson from Flappy Bird.

Oh, and while you're getting all existential, here's some webcomics. Ta-daa!

8BitGamer (Fun Run)
Gamercat (Glory Days)
Brawl in the Family (Mega Crush)
Critical Miss (2 Pro 4 U)
ReadySoup (The Only Life I Know)
ActionTrip (Long-Forgotten Simplicity)


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