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Square Cash makes bill collecting from your friends less of a hassle

Emily Price

Getting your friends to pay you back for dinner just got a lot easier. Square Cash, the company's super-simple service that lets you pay friends by sending an email, added the ability to request money Thursday. Now you can ask to get paid back by sending an email to your buddy (or reply all to a group of friends) with the amount you need in the subject line and copying on the message. When your friends receive the request and tie a debit card to their email, a reply that copies will pay you immediately. If you're waiting for a group to pay you back, you can also track the status of your requested payments, so you know which of your deadbeat friends needs another shake down. Those still waiting to get reimbursed for last weekend's night out can start their own collection service now using an email address, or Square's Android or iOS app.

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