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Noir Syndrome offers a new murder mystery with every play


Noir Syndrome is a novel take on a classic of the storytelling genre. Instead of offering players a single murder mystery, it uses procedural generation to randomize clues, suspects and victims each time you play.

Beyond its randomized killings, Noir Syndrome also offers a number of other features you wouldn't expect from a game with such a pixelated, spartan aesthetic. According to the IndieDB entry on Noir Syndrome, despite its procedurally generated nature, all objects in the game are persistent, creating the illusion of a functioning, open world until you start a new game and everything is rebuilt from scratch. In this world, players are tasked with seeking out clues, then using these clues to nail suspects, but the game also offers players the freedom to ignore the central murder mystery in favor of exploration or gunning down random bystanders.

Currently, you can find Noir Syndrome in the Steam Greenlight queue. Like all Greenlight games, it must attract a certain number of affirmative votes before earning the right to be listed on the Steam marketplace. While that means there's going to be a wait for the final, retail version of Noir Syndrome, you can attempt to gain access to a beta release of the game by following the instructions in this IndieDB entry.
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