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What has WoW taught you?


There's a fairly entertaining thread over on the EU forums, blue-tagged by Blizzard Community Manager Taepsilum, asking what WoW has taught you. There's several people commenting, as it's EU, that it's taught them English. Over in the EU, there are 24 official languages, not to mention the unofficial ones, and only 7 localized client options. So, a lot of people who don't speak English natively will end up on English servers, playing the game in English. I can name far more EU friends who aren't English than ones who are. And yet, they all speak it. Many of them cite WoW as the thing that spurred them to learn, and helped them to do so.

Me, I'm lucky, I just happened to be from the place where English comes from. I already knew the language, so WoW didn't teach me that. More than anything, I suppose, WoW taught me how to work with strangers to get things done. It's part of why I love 5-mans that are difficult. LFR seems to very rarely have that feeling of getting together and doing things co-operatively. Possibly because it's so big and impersonal, it's easy to disappear and not contribute, so people do. 5-mans, it's harder to hide in the shadows, especially in the Cataclysm ones that were trickier than usual. I've learned how being positive almost always yields better results than being negative, and how much a little kindness can brighten someone's day. What about you?

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