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Community Blog Topic Results: Your new WoW holidays

The current Community Blog Topic asked you to design your own World of Warcraft holiday. We got many detailed responses, but I've only taken excerpts from them. If you like the general idea of the holiday, click through the link to the original.

Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris gives a very detailed description of the Rites of Passage holiday.

Rites of Passage, as I would call this holiday would take place between 8th and 22nd of March. Thus it is right between Love is in the Air, and Noblegarden. During this holiday daring adventurers would embark on epic journey across Azeroth to obtain the items that would prove their worthiness, and let them pass the Rites. Such items would be a Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag.

The search would take them across all the continents of Azeroth, both known and unknown. Most of the items would be located on still undiscovered continents. There would be number of clues pointing to Outland, and they would need to fish for hours in the backest of the backwaters Azeroth can offer. Searching for the next clue. It would be fun, if the clues for every player would be randomly generated, thus the Holiday stays actual even years after it would first appear.

Fussypants from Growing up in Azeroth wants an April Fools holiday.

Basically, random world events would happen, all to prank the players, or have the players prank each other. I would imagine that it would only last for a few days, and most of the toys would be available only for the event (but some special ones would be year-long).
These pranks would include
Players would receive mail that would seem to be never before seen mounts or pets, but would turn out to say 'APRIL FOOLS!' when learned.
  • Going though a loading screen would have a chance to grow or shrink your character for a few minutes.
  • Players would be able to polymorph/hex friendly players too! (Subject to diminishing returns, not usable in PvE or PvP instances)
  • Chests would randomly spawn around the world, and opening them would drop either a rare toy, or transform your character into a 'fool' costume for 10 minutes.
Fizzl from Working Title has an extensive explanation for a St. Patrick's Day themed holiday.
Players will need to infuse themselves with a Lucky Leper potion in order to fully see the hidden pots and enemies throughout the world. These potions will drop in small amounts from the boss, but can also be made by an alchemist who has obtained a recipe to do so. This potion will give the player's character a green tint, as well as making their screen glow green around the edges.

While under this effect, invisible leper gnomes (hidden to all but the luckiest!) will be in all zones of Azeroth, and will vary in difficulty. When they get low enough on health, they will run away, leaving a faint rainbow trail to their treasure pot. Players will have to follow the trail while it's still visible in order to claim the rewards. These rewards will vary, but every pot will at least include some Gold Coins, the currency that will be used by participants to show their support against the leper gnomes.
Syrcorax at Syrco Owl would like to celebrate the races of Azeroth.
Every race has a start quest which tells you to go to the race's major city and learn about that race and what's unique about them. This can be through a series of small quests where you walk around in the city and listen to a person telling you their story and quests where you for example gather items, travel to different areas or create different items to learn about how that specific race. Or a phased event where you go back in time and watch and take part in an important event to that race or a cut scene where you see outtakes from different important events. Rewards from the quests will be different gear and weapons inspired by the race's traditional clothing usable as transmog for your class and spec.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard suggests World of Friendcraft.
The main draw: Somewhere during the holiday you will be mailed a mount. If you keep the mount, nothing happens. If you give it away a random mount will be mailed to you that is not in your inventory. Unless you get and learn a mount from someone else.

The under cards: I would also put some quests in that were based around helping out other players as well. Running a lower level party through dungeons perhaps, helping kill X mobs who are tagged by someone else. Healing and buffing players out in the "wild". Giving another player a ride or portal to X zone. Fun stuff like that.
spoilofthelamb wants to celebrate a Veteran's Day inspired holiday: Spirit's Rest.
Both factions receive a number of heroes representing the achievements of the Horde and Alliance in the earlier days of WoW. Talking to them can return you to instanced versions of crowd-favorite events that have been removed from the game, as you "relive and honor" them from the perspective of these veteran characters. These stories need to be remembered, as opposite faction propaganda is downplaying your faction's involvement. PVP content is available- opposite faction players in these instances represent the "other side" of the tale, which threatens to make your faction look less heroic.
Battlenun has a different take on Veteran's Day including these events:
Don't cry...Cry Out!

Achievement earned by wearing a city's Tabard, and hitting hearlding checkpoints throughout the city, shouting the Great Deeds of fallen heros. (Similar to brewfest run) You could include a special achievement for doing this in an opposing factions city called Counting Coup. Could award you with a "notched stick" or and eagle feather to wear.

For those who've served

For a more personal feel, award a miniature cannon companion pet for those who've played warcraft for at lest 5 years. It would randomly do an "X year salute" based on how many years you've played the game. Or maybe just at 5 years, 10 years, etc.
BradicusPontius has a very indepth holiday idea.
The Tel'Abim Carnival! The natives of Tel'Albim (famous for its shipments of bananas) have opened their port to members of both Alliance and Horde for their yearly celebration! The streets of Reo-Djnerio (capitol of Tel'Abim) are flooded with happy, excited, drunken revelers as they prepare to show off fabulous floats in celebration of their fruit harvests for the year.

Members of both the Alliance and the Horde can compete to complete their separate floats and learn the native dance style in an attempt to out-do each other in a rare non-violent competition between the two factions. Camps on either side of the island recruit their respective faction members to these various activities, as well as mounting battles against local Zandalari landings, fighting against the fire elementals of the nearby volcano and their pygmy servants as well as gathering materials from the jungles around Reo-Djnerio for the Carnival.
wstomlin would like an in-game approach
I always wished that there were more holidays really based on events in Azeroth rather than thinly veiled copies of real world holidays. It always feels a little immersion breaking for me.

So for my new holiday, I'd have the people of Azeroth celebrate "Victory Over the Scourge" week celebrating the victory in Northrend over the Lich King.

If I recall correctly, the world first heroic Lich King kill happened in March, and there's no holidays in March right now, so that's a good fit for timing.
Many people also expressed the wish that Blizzard upgrade its current holidays before adding new ones.

Do you have an idea for a future Community Blog Topic? If so, please leave it in the comments below.

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