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Sunday Morning Funnies: Pickle nose

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Since last week included Valentine's Day, there are some holiday-themed comics on the list this week. This includes special tidings from Gratz in place of regular updates, which will resume next week.

There is also a guest strip on Experience Boost due to the family emergency situation noted last week. By next week, regular updates are supposed to resume with this comic as well.

If you missed us last week, Contested Territory is on another hiatus while the next chapter is being prepared. In the meantime, her first ever comic, "Herding Cats", is being posted. With cats!

Our other absence is Surviving Azeroth, which is out this week, but will return in time for the February 23rd edition of SMF.

But, the list still has some pretty fun stuff going on. Here's a taste:
  • Decapitation!
  • A tutorial
  • A passion for dance
  • A spray bottle with water and vinegar
Finally, although Massive Pwnage is rarely WoW-related (and thus rarely featured here), it was featured last week. Just in time for the creator's new baby girl, Luna, to arrive in the world, so I couldn't resist sending a congratulations, and a welcome. (Luna is apparently a Level One Human, though I am not sure how fun they are to party with. I suspect they need to pretty much be carried, no?)

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