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Kenji Eno's final project to be developed, crowdfunded posthumously


Three of Kenji Eno's former colleagues have banded together in hopes of completing the late D and Enemy Zero designer's final project, announcing that they will launch a crowdfunding campaign next month.

Titled Kakexun, the project was designed by Eno in the months leading up to his death at the age of 42 last year. Composer Katsutoshi Eguchi, designer Iida Kazutoshi, and Warp2 CEO Naoya Sato will head up Kakexun's development in a collaborative effort with Eno's former studio Fyto.

Kakexun's developers estimate a crowdfunding goal of nearly 15 million yen (around $146,000) over a 60-day campaign, set to launch on March 20.

[Image: Kakexun]

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