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What to do in a raid while waiting to raid

Anne Stickney

My guild is moving right along through heroic 25-player content -- we're 10/14 currently, and happily working on Thok. Part of the reason I enjoy the guild is the progression, but the other part is that no matter how bad things get, nobody ever takes things too seriously. To us, raid nights contain endless games within games to be played while groups are being set up and in between wipes. If there is something weird to be done in the Siege of Orgrimmar, something that has nothing to do with the actual killing of bosses at all, we've either done it, or we'll discover it soon.

But before you get started raiding, why not get some fishing time in? The other day we discovered that the small pool of water right in front of the instance portal is just deep enough to allow fishing -- something we thought removed with the destruction of the Vale. To our knowledge, you aren't going to find any fishing pools in the little puddle of water, but you can still fish. Not only can you fish, but there are Jewel Danio still lurking in the water.

Part of me feels slightly guilty for happily indulging in a little fishing in one of the last pure fragments of the once-golden Vale -- but part of me really, really hates travel time. Who needs to go all the way to the Timeless Isle for fish when you can plunder the last remnants of the sacred waters? And when you're sitting in a raid group, waiting for invites to be sent out, groups to be set, and people to travel out to the raid zone itself, you need something to keep yourself amused.

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