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Oculus Rift demo renders The Legend of Zelda in first-person

Sure, you might have already mastered The Legend of Zelda's second quest, and maybe you've memorized where every burnable bush, bombable rock and decoy waterfall is. The new question is: Are you be the same exceptional adventurer when playing from Link's point of view? If you own an Oculus Rift, you can find out - a group has adapted the original game's overworld and first dungeon into a first-person demo for the VR headset.

YouTube user Vaecon knocks about the game's overworld in the above video, killing off Octoroks and Tektite's before eventually falling to a pack of Blue Moblins. Another YouTube user uploaded his run through the first dungeon, which shows how much creepier Wallmasters are when you don't have an all-seeing, top-down view of each chamber in a dungeon.

The full game is planned to be adapted for the Oculus Rift by March, but you can get familiar with fighting through Link's eyes by downloading the beta version. You might want to trade off with a friend or two as you get used to the new perspective, though - after all, it's dangerous to go alone.

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