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Hinder or help in Dead Nation PS4 streams


The PS4 port of Housemarque's top-down arcade shooter, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, will have an interesting feature called "Broadcast+," where streamers can have viewers directly affect their game through a voting mechanic. During certain sections, democracy will be triggered and viewers on PS4 or through Twitch's web site can aid survivors with things like additional ammo or up the difficulty by spawning more zombies.

The full "Road of Devastation" expansion, with its supplemental Arcade and Endless game modes, will be included in Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. A "challenge" mechanic will allow players to set scores and dare their friends to surpass them. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition sports improved, full 1080p graphics and both local and online co-op.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be a free download for PS Plus members on March 4 and a $14.99 download for basic PSN users. A PS Vita port of the original game is also in the works at an unnamed third-party studio.

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