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Developers Nifflas, KnapNok team up for Affordable Space Adventures

Space travel isn't cheap, but that doesn't mean you need fancy things like radar-based vision or mechanical reliability to have a proper adventure! Affordable Space Adventures, an upcoming collaboration from Knytt Underground creator Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren and Spin the Bottle developer KnapNok Games, seems keen on proving this. The Wii U eShop venture is planned to launch in the Fall of this year.

Players will serve as pilots of Affordable Space Adventure's Small Crafts, navigating their ship through stealth-based puzzles in a dark, cavernous environment by using a lone spotlight. Multiple difficulties will be selectable, and if players are inclined to recruit a co-pilot to help control the ship, they'll be able to do so. In an interview with IndieGames, Nifflas notes that cooperating in local multiplayer requires "both players to be coordinated and agree what to do and how," which is surely easier said than done.

When asked about the possibility of Affordable Space Adventure making contact with other platforms, Nifflas stated that using the Vita with the PS4 would be the only on-market possibility that wouldn't require an overhaul of the game's mechanics. No specific porting plans were offered, however.
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